I'm a little behind on most things in my life, even the simple task of taking pictures of my own daughter for her 1st birthday. . whoops. The truth is however, that it is NOT easy taking photos of a one year old who wants to do anything but sit still.  I'm sure the other seminary students and other parents around us thought I looked ridiculous rolling around in the grass, singing the Paw Patrol theme song, and sweating my booty off (even though it was only like 75 degrees out).  All of this craziness is the reason I have procrastinated taking these photos of little P. Now she is 14 months old, but who really cares? I don't, so there you have it! She's still a cute little baby and not too much has changed in the last two months, except a little hair growth. So here is a late happy birthday to my sweet, sweet Penelope Joy Rowland! Mama loves you (and Daddy too!).