In honor of Pi Day (3/14), the next stop in this sugary series is at The Proper Pie Co. in Richmond, VA! While this store does serve many amazing sweet pies, they are actually most well-known for their savory handheld pies.  We didn't cover those, though; why go savory when you can go sweet?  Proper Pie Co. is located right on E. Broad Street,  near the Church Hill area of Richmond, in a quaint little store front.  The store is small in size, but that definitely does not detract from the business. While we were there (2 pm, on a Wednesday), the store was filled with people the entire time! The crowd is proof of the great quality. 

Now, to the important part: you've got to check out these pies (pictured below).  

I had the blueberry sour cream pie (highly recommend), while Kristin ordered the chocolate raspberry (also amazing).   

Do those look fantastic or what? They totally were... 


I think every day should be pie day :p